Collection: Castle Point Witch Series

Step into the irresistibly quirky world of Castle Point, where magic and mayhem meet in the most laugh-out-loud, spellbinding, twisty ways imaginable!

Alexandra Heale is your not-so-average hypnotherapist, moonlighting as a witch while dodging the outdated laws where spells and secrecy stir more trouble than a cauldron of magical potion. 

Alongside Alex, there's a snarky cat familiar who's mastered the art of sarcastic commentary, a dangerously charming sheriff who could arrest hearts without a warrant, and a psychic best friend  dishes side-splitting humor.

From bewitching mysteries to slow-burn and chilling secrets, each page crackles with enchantment so intense, you'll find it impossible to tear yourself away.

Get ready to be ensnared in spellbinding plots and hilarious escapades that ensure the lights will stay on and the pages will keep turning until the very end.

Dive headfirst into the magical chaos of Castle Point where every twist is unexpected and every turn is a new adventure.

With books this unputdownable, you'll wish you could conjure up the next installment with a flick of your wand!