Collection: Castle Point Witch Series

Dive into the Castle Point Witch Series, where history's witch hunts take an eerie turn.

Alexandra Heale, a cunning hypnotherapist and natural witch, hides from a ruthless law in a realm of magic and secrets.

Amid spellbinding intrigue, sizzling romance, and chilling mysteries, meet a snarky feline familiar, an irresistible sheriff, and a psychic best friend.

With intricate spells, heart-stopping plots, and shocking twists, these books will keep you reading with the lights on.

Unveil the dark enigma of Castle Point as Alexandra navigates a world that hungers to extinguish her kind.


"I give Tammy Tyree's debut Paranormal Ghost Thriller five golden cauldrons." - Camilla Ochlan, author of the "Of Cat's and Dragons" series.


The world building for these books is superb and there are so many moments when I felt like I was literally there with the characters. They were all so vivid and well created!

I love the dynamic playing out between the main characters - and see where it's going! (I'm so up for it!)

But the endings... Oh my! - Carissa Andrews, author of The Diana Hawthorne Supernatural Mysteries.


"From the beginning, these books catch your interest and get you hooked. Alexandra is witty, her familiar is extremely sassy and her love interest is smoking hot. Just as I thought I had a handle on where the stories were headed next, there would be a twist in the plot that had me guessing all over again." - Amazon Reviewer