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Hexes & Heroes - A Castle Point Witch Series - Book 3

Hexes & Heroes - A Castle Point Witch Series - Book 3

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Welcome back to the final instalment in the enchanting world of Castle Point, where Alexandra now rules as the fierce Dagon Queen, calling the shots over her devoted squad of witch hunters.

But hold onto your broomsticks, because Blake just stumbled upon a major revelation – his "dead" parents are alive and kicking, and they've been hiding from some seriously nasty enemies.

Family secrets, anyone?


Main Tropes

  • Female Heroine
  • Witch Hunters
  • Demonic Possession


Welcome back to the final instalment in the enchanting world of Castle Point, where Alexandra now rules as the fierce Dagon Queen, calling the shots over her devoted squad of witch hunters.

But hold onto your broomsticks, because Blake just stumbled upon a major revelation – his "dead" parents are alive and kicking, and they've been hiding from some seriously nasty enemies.

Family secrets, anyone?

Alex isn't one to back down from a challenge, fuelled by her sheer determination to crack the enigmatic code locked within The Book and reclaim her badass powers.

Against her better judgment, she can't resist helping Penny's cousin solve a bone-chilling demonic murder that's sending shivers through Castle Point.

As this epic tale unfolds, magic and love weave together, demanding some major sacrifices from Alex and her loyal coven.

Together they stand strong against the looming darkness threatening their whole world.

Along the way, they discover that love, family, and friendship are the true sources of power, uniting them in ways they never thought possible.

Intro Into Chapter One

The sun poked my eyelids like a persistent alarm clock, waking me up with a not-so-gentle nudge. I sprawled out, feeling the warm rays creep through a tiny opening in the fancy velvet curtains. With a groggy stretch, I kicked off the comfy quilt and exited the flouncy bed. My feet hit the cold stone floor, and I quickly hopped into my slippers, shivering.
I shuffled to the window; my nightdress—what used to be Evelyn of Cumbria’s, found in a dusty cedar chest in this bedroom with her other 17th-century garb—billowed around me as I tugged open the heavy drapes. The view outside was epic—Castle Point, the town, and the endless ocean. Sunlight glinted off a snowy blanket covering everything.
"Good morning, brave new world," I croaked, still half-asleep.

My new dig, Castle Dagon, was this crazy medieval fortress on a cliff. It had this wild combination of oldschool castle torment, terror vibes, and modern gadgets.
Oh, and don't forget the magic, secrets, and danger.
I am living the dream.
Being the Dagon Queen meant I was smack in that craziness. I'm a witch, but my powers got jacked, and now I'm stuck with these creepy Dagon powers and Witch Hunters lurking in the shadows, itching for a witchhunting party. I might've lost my witchy powers to their dead boss, Earl Dagon, but I'm not letting them win.

Nope, I own them.

At least, that’s what I kept telling myself.

Earl Dagon—that drama king—made me queen at a Witch Hunter ceremony. I guess being dead doesn't stop you from having a thing for power. Thanks to him, I'm straddling two worlds like a circus performer.

From the other side, Earl Dagon knew I'd reincarnated as a witch. So, he ordered a batch of possessed, demonic Hench-nuns to strip my witchy powers the night of my thirty-eighth birthday—the same age he'd torched me as Evelyn of Cumbria back in the day. I had to tap into my ancestral Dagon mojo to escape that "repit.

Once free, I let those Dagon powers loose, just like Earl wanted. If he couldn't have me as Evelyn from the 1600s or Alexandra from today, he'd make me his kind of Dagon.

Now, I've got this title I loathe, a castle I never wanted and a legacy I could do without.

But, hey, it's all about embracing the drama, right?

So, I might be the Queen of the Witch Hunters, but trust me, they're not throwing me a party. I told Sheriff Gordon Roberts, the Witch Hunter High Commander, to send an official order telling the hunters to cool it with the witch hunts. No more power-stripping ceremonies for witches like me and my friend Penny. Not that they've had much luck !nding a witch in the past !fty years. Witches are ninja-level at hiding.

But my orders had the opposite effect.

Witch Hunters worldwide went into overdrive, which meant the secret witch society had to stay even more secret. And my Dagon powers were useless against them. Earl Dagon seemed to want his honey and peanut butter, too. Put his long-lost love in command…over no one.
I could use my powers to threaten them, but only those who took the threat seriously. The rest served up the ageold misogyny on a vast, Dagon-forged platter.

Just freaking fabulous.

Now, I must figure out how to stop the hunters and end their reign of terror.

I gazed at the horizon where the sea met the sky, thinking about Blake. He's been MIA since the night I became castle queen weeks ago. Despite my efforts, there was no trace of him. His absence was like a heavy weight on my heart.
I remembered the last time we were together—sparks flying when we kissed, his strong arms around me. We weren't of!cially a couple, but that kiss was etched in my memory, making Blake's disappearance even more challenging.

I turned to the mirror, addressing my reflection as I did daily. "Alexandra Heale, you're a force to be reckoned with." My long, dark hair framed my face just right, and my green eyes held more secrets than a gossip column. I was ready for whatever craziness came my way.
At least, that’s what I kept telling myself.

I pulled at the ash-filled vial earring of my mentor, Cressy’s ashes dangling from my left lobe. The comforting tug calmed my nerves and connected me to my late mentor.

"Ah, the classic self-pep talk," a voice quipped from the corner of the room. “Never gets old.” It was Blackjack, my sassy black feline familiar. We had this mind-link thing, so we didn't need words to chat. He strutted over, sunlight glossing his sleek fur to an ebony shine.

"Sleep well, Your Highness?" he quipped in his usual sarcastic tone, giving a little bow.
"Yeah," I replied, “and I'm feeling... optimistic…and stuff.”

"Optimistic?" Blackjack teased, jumping onto the windowsill. “Now, that's a plot twist. What's got you feeling all hopeful ‘and stuff’?”

"Maybe it's the sunshine, or maybe it's just a gut feeling," I pondered, checking out the town below. "But I believe we're close to getting my witchy powers back and kicking Witch Hunters to the curb."

"Big words," Blackjack purred, stretching lazily. "But let's hope you're not just serving up some wishful thinking."

"Trust me," I scratched my familiar behind the ears, then pulled my hand away as darts of Dagon heat prickled my palm.

"Easy, tiger. Don't burn the castle down with all that ferocity," Blackjack teased, flicking his tail at me. “I enjoy living here. I have a staff of minions catering to my every whim and a castle full of mice to prey upon. Life is good.”

"Hilarious," I replied dryly, rolling my eyes. “And also, ew. But I'm serious, Blackjack. I need to figure this out."

"Of course, Your Highness," he responded, his green eyes locking onto mine. "And we'll do it together. We'll find that spell and get your powers back. And maybe… just maybe, we'll find the big doofus sheriff along the way. Although I’ve never understood what you see in that man, I suppose I can support your quest to find him.”

"Alrighty, let's do it," I declared, ignoring his smirky attitude. I tossed the nightdress onto the bed, pulled on my usual fashion of late—sweats—and left the room with Blackjack in tow, a sputter of kitty farts escaping his back end as he trotted down the stone stairs of our castle wing. I plugged my nose and rushed down the steps, overtaking the stinky brat.

Coffee is calling.

It was definitely time for a caramel macchiato with extra foam.

After that, I'd tackle whatever challenges came my way with a dash of courage, a sprinkle of cunning, and, of course, a good dose of caffeine.

"FOCUS, ALEX," I scolded myself. My macchiato foam art attempts were epic failures. Instead of a cat, I'd crafted what looked like a soggy rat. I gave up and took a long swig of my extra-creamy goodness.
“Can I make your coffee for you, my lady?” Malcolm, my butler and chief-of-staff, appeared out of nowhere like he had teleportation powers.

I jumped, spilling some of my coffee. Malcolm quickly mopped at the mess with a dishrag. “Uh, no, thanks, Malcolm, I can manage,” I replied with a grin, taking another gulp of my morning catastrophe.

Malcolm nodded and departed. The guy was a tall, stoic figure with the charisma of Lurch from the Addams Family. He'd worked closely with the former museum curator, but I couldn't recall ever seeing him at work in the castle when it was a museum. Still, his resume checked out, and when I called Mr. Fellows for a reference, he had given him a glowing recommendation, so I'd taken him on.

I'd shut down the museum part of the castle when I moved in and gave Mr. Fellows a golden parachute so he could retire in style. I'd kept most of the other staff on payroll, with some taking a leave of absence and others shuf"ed into different roles. Maintaining this massive castle and its gardens was no small feat, especially with winter approaching.

My thoughts veered back to The Book of the Order of Witch Hunters: that ancient tome holding the secret to reclaiming my powers…I hoped. Sheriff Roberts said no such spell existed within the book, but I refused to take his word for it.

Determination surged within me like a firecracker. I was dead set on cracking the cryptic code concealed within its pages. Nothing could deter me. With sheer stubbornness as my co-pilot, I left the kitchen and headed into Castle Dagon's grand hall.

Despite the infusion of caffeine into my veins, I already felt tired.
Keeping the determination dialed high was an exhausting task.

Walking, I felt the gravity of my mission to regain my stolen powers. But I couldn’t let the hunters win. I would decode The Book and restore my abilities, no matter what.

"Morning, Alex!" Teddy's cheerful voice echoed from what used to be Mr. Fellows' enormous of#ce as I passed by. "Ready to dive into some more code-breaking fun?"
"Absolutely," I replied, my smile not quite making it to my eyes. "I'm not resting until I get my powers back."
"Good on you, boss," Teddy said, her brown eyes oozing warmth and encouragement. She was hard at work, grinding herbs like a seasoned pro to whip up one of her potent teas for my shop, Castle Point Apothecary. Today, Teddy had ditched her usual magically induced glam look of purple hair and tattoos. Her loyal hellhounds lounged at her feet in their natural splendor.

Those hellhounds were big softies, just like Teddy. Despite their gnashing teeth, gray scaling skin, and size, they were slobbery puppies rather than fearsome beasts, and loyal to a fault. That's why I'd invited Teddy and her crew to move into the castle with me. They deserved the space, and I relished their company and the extra protection.

"Maybe today will be our lucky day," I mused, stepping into the massive library and cradling The Book. My !ngers traced its spine, and I couldn't help but feel a surge of determination.

Today, I was going to make progress.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Loved this series

I am so sad that this series has come to an end. I loved the characters and the story. This book had me laughing out loud.

Another page turner!

This story gets better and better. The character development and how they interact is so well done. It feels like you are right there in Castle Point. I read the entire book in two sittings! So many great surprises and the humour is fantastic.

Christine Patton
Hexes & Heroes - A Castle Point Witch Series - Book 3

Another page turner from Tammy Tyree! I read the entire book in two days -I couldn't put it down. The story is exciting and well crafted. The characters walk off the page - they're real and engaging. The humour is what I like about this series - the tongue-in-cheek comments make me smile. If you like to read and be absorbed in the story - you have to read this Castle Point series. You'll be glad you did!

An epic ending!

Oh man, I so did not want this series to end! It needed like... 9 more books! ;)

Seriously, though, so much was going on in this book and it's a wild ride from the first page! While I didn't want it to end, I'm so looking forward to the setup that Tammy has provided, hinting at the new "Corpse Collector" series that's coming. I can't wait!