Tarot for the Year 2024

Tarot for the Year 2024

As we unfurl the scroll of a new year, I want to share with you a cherished ritual of mine - pulling 12 Tarot cards, one for each month of the year. This practice not only sets the tone for the year but also amazes me time and again with its insightful accuracy.

The Magic of 12 Cards: Each year, as January's chill whispers of new beginnings, I take out my best Tarot deck, one that resonates deeply with my spirit. Shuffling the cards, I ask the universe for guidance for the upcoming year. One by one, I draw 12 cards, each representing the essence and energy of a month.

Why 12 Cards? This practice serves as a monthly guide, providing insights and foresight into the energies and challenges that may unfold. It's like having a mystical map for the year, offering wisdom and perspective as each month unravels its unique tapestry.

The Amazement of Accuracy: Every time I engage in this ritual, I'm struck by the uncanny accuracy of the cards. It's as if the Tarot taps into a deeper, universal wisdom, aligning with the ebbs and flows of my life. Each card reveals layers of meaning and guidance, often reflecting my journey in ways I couldn't have anticipated.

Your Personal Tarot Journey: I encourage you to embark on this journey too. Choose a deck that speaks to your soul, one that feels like an extension of your inner wisdom. As you shuffle, focus on your intention for clarity and guidance for the year ahead. Then, draw your 12 cards, one for each month.

Marking the Journey in a Special Journal: After pulling the cards, I record them in a special Tarot journal. This isn't just a record; it's a living document of my spiritual journey. Each entry includes the card, its meaning, and my initial thoughts and feelings about it.

Reflecting Each Month: At the end of each month, I revisit the journal. I reflect on the card drawn for that month, contemplating how its energy manifested in my life. This practice offers a moment of introspection, a chance to connect the dots between the Tarot's wisdom and my personal experiences.

The Transformative Power of Tarot: This ritual has become a transformative tool for me, providing a compass through the year's highs and lows. It's a way to harness the Tarot's ancient wisdom, guiding me toward self-awareness and growth.

As you journey through the year with your 12 cards, remember that the Tarot is a mirror to your soul, reflecting back your innermost truths and guiding you on your path.

Blessings on your Tarot journey this year. May the cards bring you insight, guidance, and clarity.

Tammy Tyree


Beneath the moon's mystic glow, Tammy Tyree crafts tales of enchantment and mystery. An award-winning author, Tammy invites you into her world of magical stories at https://tammytyreebooks.com, and her Mystic Maven Community at https://reamstories.com/tammytyree/public.

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